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The Directors of Cassilon are pleased to confirm that the results of their CEFIC SQAS audit is now uploaded to the SQAS website and available to users. 30th August 2011


Cassilon transports bulk liquid, on ships, in trucks, by rail and even when the occasion demands it by air.

From Durban to Gaborone, Memphis to Dorchester, Rotterdam to Melbourne, Antwerp to Durban, Liverpool to Valparaiso, we are at home anywhere in the world.

We arrange each segment of the process ourselves and we do it with a dedication and a level of enjoyment that sometimes surprises even us.

We build routes that suit your cargo, we find exactly the right set of people, at the right time to make sure that the route works; it could be that you need road transport distribution to your customers, or that you could be sourcing raw materials from the other side of the world.

We track every shipment, every step of the way. If a vessel is off schedule we will give you maximum warning to allow you the planning time to minimise the effects on your production.

We will ensure that your shipments are cleared through customs, in a timely and competent manner and will investigate details of customs tariffs and import procedures on your behalf, irrespective of your destination.

If you would like to talk to Cassilon about careful methods of transporting your bulk liquid, call us, or e-mail

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