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The Directors of Cassilon are pleased to confirm that the results of their CEFIC SQAS audit is now uploaded to the SQAS website and available to users. 30th August 2011

Managing the Flow As soon as the flow of liquid is introduced into the supply chain, the correct management of the logistical operations become crucial.

If the supply chain is the system of product flow from suppliers of raw products to manufacturers of intermediate or finished products to distributors and warehousing centres to the final consumer and all the individual processes involved; be they technical, logistical, financial or administrative...... Then managing the supply chain requires devising a set of rules; the strategy or corporate policy by which the operational procedures are administered and judged.

Step One becomes the co-ordination of members of different organisations, so that they work together and agree on common goals, procedures and responsibilities.

Step Two becomes the management and control of those agreed procedures.

What does that mean? Planning a shipment is simply not enough; the entire chain must be co-ordinated from producing supply to the receiving plant’s production.

Why is that so? If the receiving parties silo is full, or production is down what do you do with 24,000L/plus 6,000 Gallons of liquid? The answer is always the same unwelcome result; spend money.

What can Cassilon do for your company in this area? We can undertake supply chain management and RESPONSIBILITY for liquid flow at any level, whether we are operating a dedicated fleet on your behalf, or not.

We integrate vertically, meaning that we will either join the production project team, or, more often, we spearhead a group within the project or division that meet regularly to react to data concerning production for the supplying plant and the resultant production for the delivery plant.

We operate independently within the chain, meaning that the chain leaders provide us with procedural goals to be achieved and to report back upon. To this end, we gather information concerning the infrastructure of the plants at either end of the chain; capacity, storage availability and restrictions. We then match that information to the variables involved in the on-going supply and demand .. perhaps known seasonal variances in demand, perhaps the potential effect of a volatile market, be it for raw input supply, that has constantly varying constituent parts or final product demand. This gives a potential range for the amount of liquid that might need to flow through the transport system. We then set up a product ordering system that integrates into the clients ordering system, and proceed to manage that flow.

Where we have ‘control’ we will agree levels of responsibility, which are ours and levels that belong to the client, certainly it means never paying another demurrage bill simply because no-one took ownership of the entire transport system. If you would like to know more about how we may assist you, or would simply like to give us feedback on this article, please call us or send us an e-mail.

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