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The Directors of Cassilon are pleased to confirm that the results of their CEFIC SQAS audit is now uploaded to the SQAS website and available to users. 30th August 2011Cold Chain Management

  • As the science of cold chain management increases in importance, and with increasing numbers of countries considering traceability for food grade products, the system that tracks the temperature of the product has to be both effective and functional. Cassilon's tank containers are therefore fitted with Hobo Data Loggers made by the Onset Computer Corporation. (Visit them at )
  • In qualifying a data logger for Cassilon’s units one of our prime criteria was functionality. Too often we have been presented with specifications that say ‘provided with USB connectivity to download directly to your laptop’; the concept does not take into account working in an outside environment in bad weather. The Onset Hobo shuttle does consider outside working environments. This small, inexpensive device fits in your hand. To download the data logger contents the operator plugs it in and presses the trigger. To upload the contents to a computer the shuttle connects directly to a serial port and user friendly software does the rest, providing a complete record of the product temperature in transit.

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