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Refrigerated Tank Containers

Cassilon operates a fleet of ‘reefer’ tanks

Cassilon reefer tank

Designed to move food grade products that need to be kept at a fixed temperature. These units are built to a high specification.

  • The refrigeration units are side mounted, as opposed to the normal end mount position. Thanks to the innovative talents of the design team at the Klinge Corporation (visit them at ) the TC109’s fit, tucked under the curve of the tank, allowing the full ISO frame to be filled with tank cylinder and thus achieving a 23,000L /6,076 US gallon volume, compared to a traditional 21,000L/ 5,547 US gallons.
  • Cleaning is facilitated by in-place cleaning systems, with built in piping and spray balls mounted internally, allowing fast and effective sanitisation
  • The pressure system allows for the introduction of a suitable gas to either pressurise or blanket the product
  • To assist with lab tests prior to tipping, these units are fitted with sample valves

Bottom valve compartment - reefer tank

If you would like to know more about Cassilon's reefer tanks please call or e-mail us at


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