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The Directors of Cassilon are pleased to confirm that the results of their CEFIC SQAS audit is now uploaded to the SQAS website and available to users. 30th August 2011

Specifying Standard Chemical & Hazardous Liquid Tank Containers

The specifications for chemical grade tanks tend to be governed by the rules for transporting Regulated or Dangerous Goods. The UN Model Regulations list 22 different specifications of tank containers, covering differences in fixtures, fittings, settings and steel thickness. This excludes specifications for tanks used for the carriage of specialised products such as gas and liquified gas, flammable solids and organic peroxides.

Cassilon operates T11 type tank containers which are suitable to transport the majority of chemicals; it is the standard tank of the industry, specifications for which can be found in the articles in the reference section.

The details of the chemical to be carried will determine the exact specifications of the tank's equipment, the settings for its fitments and also its size.

If you would like details of the type of tank container you need, please contact us with the details of your product. Cassilon will be pleased to work with you to determine the class and hazard, or lack thereof, of your product. e-mail us at

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